Enhance Your SnapTube Experience with the Latest Features 

SnapTube is the popular and best YouTube video downloader that is designed for the Android devices. Despite downloading the YouTube videos, it also allows you to stream the live videos on this video platform and even download audio clips and play online music. There are lots of features that are integrated into the latest version of SnapTube App which makes the streaming and downloading experience of users really wonderful. Below you will come across with some of the best features of SnapTube App which would improvise your overall SnapTube Install experience and streaming.

Customization of SnapTube Homepage
By default, SnapTube App comprises some of the popular social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. But, now you are allowed to change or remove the platforms from its Homepage by tapping on “+” button which is available on the Homepage itself. You can make changes in the location of these platforms with this button or even remove it from the Homepage directly.
Picture in Picture Mode on SnapTube Keeps Video on Top
SnapTube App allows its users to stream the videos on pop-up box. In order to activate the feature, you are required to go to the “Settings” of the application scroll down until you see the option “Picture in Picture Mode”. Simply enable the option by tapping on it and enjoy the Picture in Picture Mode in SnapTube.
Adding New Video Site on SnapTube App
SnapTube App supports some of the popular and widely used video sites like Vimeo, YouTube, Daily Motion and more. But, when you find some other video sites which attract your interest and you find it useful for your community, you can simply add those video sites to SnapTube App. You need to ask the App’s developers to include it in the updated version of SnapTube. You can do this simply by selecting the option “Suggest Video Site” when you tap on the red “+” button.
Speeding the SnapTube Downloads
The best feature of SnapTube App is that it enables you to use the application even with slow data connection of your network providers. You can use all the features of SnapTube regardless of the data speed of your network carrier. It even allows you to speed up the download speed even when you are on slow data connection. You can activate the feature and enjoy the increased speed of SnapTube downloads. This is available under the setting section of the application. Enable it to increase the download speed of videos on SnapTube.
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